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How To Pass The Teas Entrance Exam

The Teas exam is the admission assessment every Pre- Nursing college student dreads. What exactly is on the exam? What study materials do I need to buy? What strategies do I need to acquire in order to master this exam? Well have no fear Heather Blackbeauty is here to answer all your questions. DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT YOUR QUESTIONS.

What is the Teas?

The Teas or the Test of Essential Academic Skills is a standardized exam is a admissions exam some colleges and universities require in order to enroll int the nursing program.

What are the subjects the Teas Exam covers?

The Teas Exam is composed of four academic core exams. The four subjects the Teas cover are mathmatics reading science and english.

What is the Layout of the exam?

Fortunately, the Teas exam is divided into subject portions so you don't have to worry about getting math questions one minute and reading questions the next minute. You can even choose which subject you would prefer to start with first.

How many questions are there?

The following are questions ( all of which are multiple choice format) per subject:


Questions: 53

Human anatomy and physiology 32 Questions

Life and Physical Sciences 8 Questions

Scientific reasoning 7 Questions

Pre-Test Questions 6 Questions

Time Limit : 63 minutes


Questions: 53

Key Ideas And Details 22 Questions

Craft and Structure 14 Questions

Integration of Knowledge And Ideas 11 Questions

Pre-Test Questions 6 Questions

Time Limit : 64 minutes


Questions: 28

Conventions of standard English 9 Questions

Knowledge of Language 9 Questions

Vocabulary acquisition 6 Questions

Pre-Test Questions 4 Questions

Time Limit : 28 minutes


Questions: 36

Number and Algebra 23 Questions

Measurement and Data 9 Questions

Pre-Test Questions 4 Questions

Time Limit : 54 minutes ( After the Mathematics session, you may take a 10 minute break. Utilize your time wisely and allow yourself time to breathe)

How much time do I have to take the Teas?

The time allotted for the Teas is 209 minutes or 3 hours and 48 minutes .

What study exam booklet do you recommend? Take this from me you really don't need to invest in a lot of textbooks and study guides to take this exam (Don't waste the little time you have studying the wrong things!). If you want an A all you need is the ATI TEAS Test Study Guide 2018-2019 and ATI TEAS Secrets: TEAS . Don't go busting the bank on all these no name exam books.

Everything you need to know is right in this book. It never hurts to have prior knowledge before embarking on this study journey. Each nursing program lists different co and prerequisites before entering into the nursing program. Try to retain the information learned previously in those classes, It might just help. If you don't understand the concepts found in the ATI TEAS Test Study Guide 2018-2019 and ATI TEAS Secrets: TEAS or find yourself lacking confidence, I suggest going to and typing in crash course. There are a serious of

science videos there that pretty much reinforce the topics covered in this book. Crash course videos, however, are a lot more entertaining.

How will my exam be scored?

The TEAS Exam has score for each individual section.

Teas Math

The math section of the Teas consists of basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In addition, the Teas will ask you to perform operations with fractions and decimals, or to determine ratios and proportions. Translating Phrases and Sentences into Expressions, Equations and Inequalities will can also be found on this entranc exam. Similar to the standard calculator that comes on every computer, the majority of math questions on the Teas Entrance Exam have four functional calculators to use. Notice I said majority, which means not all. Lucky for you all of the questions are multiple choice .

Teas English

Make Sure you understand the meaning of each word as well as the context it's being used in. You will also see questions concerning parts of speech, and commonly occurring grammatical errors.

Teas Reading

The Reading section of the Teas exam provides Passage comprehension questions. In addition, you must Identify the main Idea, understand the meaning behind words in the context, and make logical inferences about what you have read. The Teas reading portion might also ask you to following a given set of directions or follow a sequence while identifying key terms that helped aid in you carrying out that sequence.

Teas Science

The science section of the Teas exam consists of life sciences, physical science, earth science, scientific reasoning and the anatomy and physiology. This particular section might require you to have some prior knowledge of the above fields.

Any Studying tips?


There is no possible way you can skim the book once and pass the test. Don't cram information either. My best advice to you is to take it piece by piece each day. Don't only memorize the big idea but memorize the details to. A month or two of studying every day would help tremendously and diminish stress.

2) BREAK IT UP The time pauses In between sections. Utilize your breaks and stretch your mind. Give your brain a break even if it's only for a couple of minutes.


Set a timer for your practices exams to simulate the timer that will be given throughout each subject. When you are doing the practice exams, set your own timer according to the time you will be allotted for that section so you can practice completing it in a timely manner.

5) SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEPI can not stress how important it is to get good nights sleep the day before the exam. Although, anxiety might be taking a toll on you try to sleep. A good nights sleep produces better results

6) CARRY A SWEATERMost testing centers are freezing! Don't leave your house without slipping on a small sweater just in case


1 John 5: 14 "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us."


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